A downloadable FallBot

You are the two remaining robot of the humanity, G.O.R.G (Galactic Observation and Repair Guardian) and N.I.C.O (Networked Immediate Calculation Organism) trying to explore space with the last earthling plant left. But during your travel through the galaxy, your spaceshift will hit a meteor and N.I.C.O. will be trapped in it. You play both robots, one is trapped in the center of the meteor with the last plant, the second is trying to save him.

2 players game, only playable with gamepads (at least one)

Install instructions

-Just run the .exe according to your computer version (32/64 bits, macOS,...)

-You need at least one gamepad controller to play the game, one of the two player can be played with the mouse.

-The game is supposed to be played with two controller.

-Just press R at the begining of the game if you have any controller detection issues.


FallBot Build Prototype Windows.zip 107 MB
FallBot Build Prototype Linux.zip 119 MB
FallBot Build Prototype MacOS.zip 65 MB

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